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Broken Beard:

"Never in one million years could you invent this kind of band in your smoke-addled mind, and yet here they are, the demonstrative figureheads of your living fuzz fantasy. (...) I suppose it seems obvious to scream and curse for a full-length, but I’m gonna go ahead an do it anyway at anyone within earshot until it happens because I need to hear more. I hope it happens soon, but if not, I’ll gladly go hoarse for Yama."

Lords of metal:

"Wow, what an awesome demo. (...) Grooves to die for, subtle changes in pace, a great feeling for melody and a sound of their own. From time to time it sounds so soggy and balmy that you could have sworn you're in New Orleans. (...) This is a band that will lay a sweltering hot Batcave at the Roadburn festival to waste. This demo is a must own for any Roadburn freak."


"(...) Met drie sterk opgebouwde, afwisselende nummers, die ieder een duidelijk eigen stempel dragen, laat deze groep voorbeeldig horen hoe je dit soort muziek echt tot leven kunt wekken.

Tijd voor een volwaardig album dus, hopelijk snel gevolgd door een verpletterende performance in de Bat Cave op Roadburn."


Check out this review of Seaquake on Youtube!

Ride with the Devil blogspot:

"(...) It's strange and unorthodox but hell does it work! These guys have gone right to the top of my list of bands I'm eagerly awaiting a full length album from.

Three tracks of superbly belting, fuzzy goodness. One hell of a demo!"

"Dutch band Yama's (from the city of Tilburg home of the Roadburn festival) self-titled demo is chock-full of progressive psych, plodding doom, heavy blues and enourmous riffs. (...) Overall, the band shows a ton of promise. The EP is available for free download on their Bandcamp page. Go get it now!"

" (...) Knap werk van deze betrekkelijk nieuwe Nederlandse band. Ik hoop dat ze snel in staat zijn een volledig album uit te brengen, want ik zou graag nog wat meer van ze willen horen. Hard, krachtig met een logge swing en heerlijk riffende stoner gitaren."


released March 1, 2012



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Yama Tilburg, The Netherlands

Yama, named after the Vedic God of Death, is a heavy stoner rock band from Tilburg. Played Roadburn, toured with Uncle Acid and shared stage with bands like Saint Vitus and Graveyard.
Demo "Seaquake" received raving reviews from around the world and sold out twice. Debut album "Ananta" has a distinct oriental theme while the music delivers riffs and grooves fused into heavy and compact rock songs.
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